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The server (Windows)

How do I find the server log?

If your server version is older than 2.5, please update it. That will probably solve the issues you're having anyway.

In newer versions of the remote, simply click the 'Advanced' link in the bottom left corner of the server window (on your computer), and then 'Show log'. Then click 'Export log to file' to get an actual file, and send this to me.

If the server isn't running (for example if it crashes), you can find the log by locating the log file manually:

  • Open a Run window (press Windows+R or open the start menu and open 'Run').
  • Enter %appdata% into the Run prompt, and press 'Ok'. This opens your application data folder.
  • Enter the folder named 'MediaMonkey Remote Server', and you should see a folder named 'Logs', which contains log files for the last two days. Send me the newest file(s).